Paul Jenkins - Weelz Driving School

How long have you been a driving instructor for?

I qualified as an ADI in 2005, so I’ve been instructing for over 13 years.

What were you doing before that?

I’ve always worked in retail, so working with people, and customer service, is what I know best. I grew up in Telford, before moving to Derby in 1994, where I worked as a manager in ASDA. I moved into the Blackpool area in 2005, after meeting my wife, Nicola, whilst on holiday.

What do you enjoy most about driving instructing?

I love everything about the job really, and I really enjoy teaching people and helping them to learn. On a personal scale I love watching the journey that learner drivers go on. They often really struggle with it when they start out, but I love to see that change as they start to thrive as a driver, and become more independent, before going out and passing their driving test.

Is there anything you dislike about the job?

I am doing a job that I love, so, there really isnt anything that I dislike. The only thing that does frustrate me though is impatient drivers on the road. A lot of experienced drivers have no time for learners, and will try to intimidate them, or overtake them in an, often, dangerous manner. It’s frustrating because the learner driver is always trying their best, even if they may be a little slower than an experienced driver would be.

What are your interests/hobbies outside of driving instructing?

I would say that I am a family man, and I love spending time with my wife, and 4 children. In any spare time that I do have, I tend to just watch films, or play computer games, and I also enjoy various aspects of DIY.