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This month’s past pupil is a bit more of a recent success story, as we catchup with Gina O’Neill. Gina passed her driving test in March this year, after doing driving lessons with Weelz owner, and instructor, Dale Brooks. We had a chat with her, just over a month on from that big day, to see how she found her lessons, and how she’s been getting on since she became a full licence holder. Here’s what Gina had to say:

“My driving lessons were always good, even when I had a bit of an off day, Dale always made me feel at ease. I would have 90-minute lessons, and I learned something new every time. I think the 90-minute lessons are great to give you enough time to sort out any mistakes that I did make, which was never a hardship, as my instructor was so patient with me. My favourite lesson was in the snow, which gave me a real taster of real life driving. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but great to learn those skills whilst having my instructor sat next to me!

I was so nervous going into my first lesson, but I guess that is completely normal. Even now, a month on, I still get a bit nervous in situations that feel new, but then, I remember all the training and skills that Dale taught me, breathe (Which always helps!!), and then I get through it.

Throughout my lessons Dale would take me in areas similar to those used on the test, which, I think prepared me really well for the practical. He would also ask me loads of questions while driving, which really helped with my theory too. The theory really is the easy bit though, I promise! The practical test is nerve wracking, so, if you struggle with anxiety, its important to remember to breathe, and relax.

Now I’ve passed my test, life is so much easier. I can take myself to work, get the kids to school, do my shopping, and there is no more walking in the rain! I can’t thank Dale, and Weelz enough, I had had 3 instructors in the past and when I started I was a nervous wreck, and was scared of going above third gear, now I love driving, and love 5th gear too!”

Gina learned with Weelz instructor, Dale Brooks, who is based in Anchorsholme. Here’s what Dale said:

“Gina was very determined to get herself a driving licence. It is always a great help when any pupil has that degree of commitment. She had lessons in the past, but her confidence needed building up. She already had all the skills she needed to be a good driver, she really just wanted some encouragement to help her believe that.

I know her life has become so much easier since getting that driving licence. Gina still keeps in touch, showing me her new car, and telling me about all the journeys she is embarking on.

Keep safe out there Gina and thanks for choosing me to be your driving instructor!”