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We’re going back in time today to catch up with Felicity Kate Howell who passed her driving test with Weelz Driving School back in 2013. We caught up with Felicity almost 6 years later to say how she found her driving lessons, and how she’s been getting on with her full driving licence. Here’s what she had to say:

“I learnt to drive with Weelz when I was in my 30s. I was so scared, and the longer I left it, the worse it got! I, literally, had nothing to worry about. Learning with Weelz was informative, and I was made to feel at ease straight away. They took it at my pace and I was never made to feel like I needed to rush. I felt so comfortable, and even when I made mistakes, it was no big deal, it was all a learning curve.

Dale was an excellent instructor, he thoroughly explained everything and it was just one step at a time. His continuous bad jokes throughout my lessons allowed me to concentrate on the road, and his bad jokes, at the same time (No easy feat I can tell you!). The thought of learning to drive scared me to death, but Dale has this way of making you feel like extended family, so, by the time my test came round, I felt like I was completely in control. Yes, I was a little nervous, but I knew what to expect, fully, as Weelz really prepare you for it.

I can’t thank Weelz, and Dale, enough for their professional, yet friendly, service. Without Weelz I wouldn’t be able to travel for work the way I do now. My son turns 18 this year and I will be making sure he uses Weelz too. If you want to start that new chapter in your life, take the plunge. It’s never too late.”

Felicity’s instructor, the owner of Weelz Driving School, Dale Brooks said:

“It’s always a pleasure seeing someone achieve their goals and aims. Felicity was nervous, but then again, so is everyone who starts the journey of learning to drive. The buzz never leaves you of knowing you have been a small part of that person’s life.”