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Our first past pupil of the new year is Amanda Worrall, who passed her driving test in September 2016. Living in Staining at the time, she completed lessons with Weelz instructor, Richard Singleton. We caught up with her, just over 2 years on from that big day, to see how she found her lessons, and how she’s been getting on since she became a full licence holder. Here’s what Amanda said:

“I thought my driving lessons were really good, and I definitely learned a lot. I know a lot of people are nervous going into their first lesson, but I was really excited as I’d heard lots of good things about Weelz, so I was really looking forward to getting started.

When I got to the stage of taking my driving test, I was actually quite relaxed, and found it very easy, as I felt that I was very well prepared for it and I knew what to expect. I feel that the driving lessons I did with Richard, not only made the driving test itself feel easy, but, they also prepared me, very well, for driving, independently, after my test.

Driving has definitely made my life a lot easier. It has opened up a lot of doors for me as regards to jobs and study. Its great for doing the little things too, generally just being able to drive around, as well as being able to take my kids out to various activities and clubs”

Amanda’s instructor, was Richard Singleton, who is based in Kirkham. He remembers Amanda’s test day fondly, as she was the first pupil to pass her driving test with him, as a fully qualified driving instructor! Here’s what Richard had to say:

“As I had only just qualified as a driving instructor, whilst I was teaching Amanda (I qualified in August 2016), it was a great feeling to get my first pass in the September. I taught in exactly the same way I was teaching people as a trainee instructor. I just applied the things that I had learned through my training “in anger”, so to speak. The feeling of my first “qualified” pass was amazing, and it made it even better to see how much it meant to Amanda too. She was nervous on the test day itself, and that always makes the positive result even more great!

All of her lessons were very enjoyable, and a lot of one on one discussions took place. One area of particular improvement we worked on was to make her more aware of her speed, as she initially thought that she ALWAYS had to be at the speed limit. Her road awareness really improved, and that, definitely helped her to pass. In summary, Amanda was a fantastic pupil, and getting that full licence has made a big impact, giving her a lot more freedom for her and her family.”