Past Pupils

Budding actor, Ryan Wilkinson, undertook driving lessons with Weelz Driving School, passing his driving test at the first attempt in February 2018. We caught up with Ryan a month on from that big day to see how he is doing. Here’s what Ryan had to say:

“I found my driving lessons really fun! They challenged me and set me up to not only pass my test but to be a safe driver after my test too! Going into my first lesson, I was more excited than nervous as it was something I have always wanted to do, then when my lesson started I realised that there was no need to be nervous anyway. I feel like my lessons overall prepared me to be a good, safe driver after my test, which I think is very important! I liked that, in my lessons, we didn’t focus on how to pass a test, but how to be a safe driver that was also confident at the right level too! The test itself I think is a lot less nerve wracking than it is made out to be. You soon realise that there is no need to worry for your test, as you know exactly what to do, it’s just making sure you show that to the examiner.

Since I passed my test, driving has changed my life massively already as it now gives me the freedom to go where ever I need to, whenever I want. This is particularly useful when I need to get to auditions and castings in tricky places where there aren’t always public transport links! Also, it’s very convenient when you want McDonald’s randomly but are too lazy to walk!

I don’t think, without the help of Weelz, and the patience and knowledge of my instructor, Martin, that I would have passed so soon. They really tailor your lessons to your needs and the way you learn best, which is why, in my opinion, they are the best driving school on the Fylde coast!”

Ryan’s instructor, Martin Crane, who is based in Fleetwood, added the following:

I’m really pleased to hear that Ryan is doing so well. He was really excited to start his lessons, paying extra so that he could begin at midnight on his 17th birthday! He showed great commitment, and flew through his lessons in just over 3 months, passing his test first time, with just 1 minor fault! He downplays his acting career, but I enjoyed hearing his stories about the famous people he’s already worked with, and I know he was frustrated about hiving to miss auditions because he couldn’t get to them. I know how much that his driving licence will change his life, and I’m delighted that it has already helped him with this. I already know that he will be staying safe on the roads, and I look forward to following his career and seeing him on my TV very soon.”