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This week’s past pupil is Jenny Brand, from Fleetwood. Jenny did driving lessons with Weelz instructor, Martin Crane, back in 2016, passing her test at the beginning of February 2017. We caught up with her almost 2 years on to see how she found her lessons, and how she’s been getting on since she became a full licence holder. Here’s what Jenny had to say:

“My first driving lessons were fab! Martin made me feel really comfortable and I achieved a lot more than I initially thought I would, in those first few lessons. Like most people, I was nervous going into my first lesson, but my instructor put me at ease straight away. He talked me through the process of what I’d be learning in stages. It really helped to calm my anxieties. As much as I learned, with the aim of passing the driving test, I really feel that I was taught how to be a safe driver. I was taught some rhymes, which I still use, to this day, to remind myself every time I drive – for example “If you have less space, use less pace”!

Like most people, I was very nervous for my test, but I had been well prepared with mock tests during my driving lessons. That really helped me to understand what was going to happen on the day.

Learning to drive and getting my licence has made an invaluable difference to my life. I used to rely on public transport, using busses and trains. Some days, this could consist of 7 hours of commuting time to get to and from where I needed be. Now I can drive, the travel time is down to 2 hours a day. This means I get much more family time with my children. It also means I get to take them places, which, otherwise, would have been impossible. My children are happier, and that means I am happier. I love being able to drive. Thankyou Weelz and Martin!!”

Jenny’s instructor, was Martin Crane, who is based in Fleetwood, said:

“I know how much of a difference that driving licence will have made to Jenny’s life. She is a trainee midwife, who is at university in Liverpool, also doing placements at hospitals in that area. On top of that she is a mother of 2 young children, and I know juggling that could often get her down. She was always really determined, but having to get a bus to Blackpool, then a train to Preston, and another into Liverpool, was taking its toll. I know she would often have to leave the house before the kids were up, and not get home until after they’d gone to bed. The motorway network, I know, can often be congested, but that is nothing compared to what she was dealing with before. That driving license, I’m sure, will have changed her life, and I have no doubt that she will qualify and be a great success. That will make all of those hard times worthwhile, and I’m really happy to have played a small part in that journey.”