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We have a slightly different past pupil write up today, as we caught up with Wayne Wareing. Wayne never actually passed his driving test with Weelz Driving School, but both of his sons passed, after learning with Weelz instructor, Shane Brown. Here is what Wayne had to say:

“Shane from Weelz was the driving instructor that taught both of my eldest boys, and they both had their licence in a very unexpected timescale. Shane took my son, Richard, out on his 17th birthday. I was absolutely shocked that he had my son, from not driving at all, to passed, in just 7 weeks! This has now made him a big part of the family business, as he drives full time for me and my company, Alpha Car Collections. My other son, Reece, lives in Newcastle. When he wanted lessons, I felt it was worth him coming back to Blackpool to be taught by Shane. Again, Reece was through his lessons, and had a licence, in a really short space of time. Since then, he has managed to get himself a mechanics job, back in Newcastle. His licence has brought him many opportunities, and now I get to see him much more, as he can travel home to see me.

I would always recommend Weelz, and, in particular, Shane, as they did it as fast as they possibly could. This proved to me that they are not in it for the money, but for the results, and boosting their brand reputation. I thank them all, from myself, personally, but also from Alpha Car Collections, as it has made our workforce stronger. It has given us a much better availability, and put more of our trucks on the road. Its changed mine, and both of my sons, lives dramatically”

Richard and Reece were both taught by Weelz instructor Shane Brown, who is based at the south end of Blackpool, and knows Wayne personally. Here is what he had to say:

“I had always wanted to be an instructor, but at the same time, I’ve always been a bit of a petrol head , with cars such as Subaru’s. When I turned up at Wayne’s garage with a Ford Fiesta he was quite surprised. I told him I had bought it as I was training to be a driving instructor, and he decided there and then that I would be teaching Rick.

A few months had passed and I started with Weelz in the September, so Wayne instantly booked in Rick for his 17th birthday in the January. I had known Rick since he was about 12, but at that time, I had no idea I would be teaching him how to drive! We both worked hard, and decided to try and make him the first Millennium baby to pass. I don’t think Rick was expecting the process to be so fast, but 7 weeks later, Rick had a licence, and that was a great feeling. Rick had loads of confidence on test day, but Wayne, not so much. I don’t think he slept the night before Haha!

Wayne’s older son Reece, already had a road bike, but decided he wanted to drive to improve his job opportunities. When Wayne decided he wanted Reece to travel up to learn with me, the pressure was on! Reece, too, rose to the challenge though and got his licence. He now works full time as a mechanic, and Rick is driving for the family business.

I know they both appreciate, and will look after their licence, and have both remained safe and confident drivers. I thank them all for giving me the opportunity to have played such a big part in their lives. They have all thanked me personally, and I am very grateful that I am still, to this day, getting recommendations from them.”