We have today, officially, been given the green light, by the DVSA, that lessons can commence from July 4th 2020.

Thank you to all our instructors and pupils for their patience and understanding during the past 12 weeks and I hope you all stayed safe and well.

Please bear in mind that all instructors have slightly different personal circumstances, and whilst we will all be resuming as quickly, and safely, as we can, some instructors are shielding, and as such, will be unable to resume to teaching until August.

If you were taking lessons pre-lockdown, your instructor should contact you in the coming days. Please help them to plan by confirming your availability, and if you are able to resume. We know everyone has different circumstances, and indeed, we know that many of our pupils are shielding themselves.

Please also be understanding that we had a waiting list before lockdown and that waiting list has grown massively during lockdown. We will be prioritising pupils who have had a test cancelled and those who have been on our waiting list the longest.

If you have any questions or queries, or need to update us on your personal circumstances, please contact your instructor, or our head office (contact Dale on 07795 363583 or message via social media)

We can also confirm that theory testing will resume from 4th July, whilst practical testing will resume on 22nd July, with priority given to the thousands of pupils across the country who saw their tests cancelled by the pandemic.

We are very much looking forward to teaching all of our pupils again, as well as getting many new pupils on the road.

Lessons taken going forward will be different with Covid safety paramount in our thoughts, and the update we posted yesterday, regarding safety measures going forwards, remains unchanged.

Payments for lessons will be via bank transfer either direct to your instructor or via our head office.

Take care and stay safe.