Alan Buckley - Weelz Driving School

How long have you been a driving instructor for?

I’ve been an instructor, for Weelz Driving School, for just under a year now, and I’m looking forward to a bright future with them.

What were you doing before that?

Before I becam an instructor, I was a foster carer. In fact, I still am! I’m looking after 2 girls at the moment. I’ve fostered 14 children in total, varying in age from birth up to teenagers, and even, young mums with their babies. I’ve done that for around 10 years now. I am also a fully qualified painter and decorator, and was self employed doing that for almost 6 years. Before that, I worked as a foreman for a firm doing jobs for companies like Tesco and Pizza Hut.

What do you enjoy most about driving instructing?

The thing I enjoy most about driving instructing, is the fact that I get to help someone acheive one of their goals! It’s great watching someone develop their skills as a driver. Going from that nervous smile, when they first sit in the drivers seat on their very first lesson, to the beaming smile on the face when they get back and have passed their driving test. Its a great feeling to be a part of that journey.

Is there anything you dislike about the job?

The main thing that I don’t enjoy, is the way that some drivers can disrepect learners. It can be really irritating to see how rude some people can be towards someone who is just learning. People seem so quick to forget that we’ve all been there, everybody was “just a learner” once.

What are your interests/hobbies outside of driving instructing?

My biggest hobby, away from driving instructing, is fishing (When I get time!). I like to go fishing in local lakes, but recently, I’ve started to try my hand at sea fishing too. Its completely different, and I get sea sick, so I can’t do boats, but there are some great spots on the beach between Cleveleys and Fleetwood. I also have a few fish tanks at home, which I enjoy, and of course, I always enjoy spending time with my family.